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We exist to serve others and make a difference in our communities by making the law more affordable and improving the value of real estate.  Our mission is to disrupt and reinvent the legal and real estate industries, by rethinking traditional business models and focusing on the client experience.  

We are known for our high touch and high-tech approach to volume projects. Whether we use our own proprietary technology or yours, we simplify and improve quality and efficiency into any document driven process. 

eVantage was founded on the notion that we could help government agencies, law firms and corporations succeed by providing advice, support and execution capabilities for legal process management, high volume document/contract review, portfolio management and IT solutions. Our seasoned team applies process innovation and technology to the most burdensome backlogs and timeline driven projects. 

We create a new model that allows attorneys to focus on expertise and results while clients benefit from lower costs. We were among the first to apply Lean Six Sigma principles and technology to attorneys and the legal industry. Today every employee has achieved at least one level of Lean training. Our team of over 300 U.S. Based Professionals range in all levels of certifications, all the way to the top, the distinguished Lean Six Sigma Black Belt!

eVantage, which was founded on simplicity, is focused on precision and built on service, remains committed to its core vision, to bring efficiency and innovation to legal and real estate services.

eVantage at a Glance

Hours of Annualized Labor Eliminated for Clients in 2017

Work Tasks Completed in December 2017

Lawsuits That Are Prepared, Perfected, Serviced and Filed Monthly

We ask our clients questions such as:

What do my current business processes look like? Can some processes be optimized to improve efficiency and lower costs? How will revenue be impacted if we change or implement a new process?

These are just a few the questions our Business Process Engineers will help you answer.  eVantage provides an easy way to visualize current business realities so new potential can be realized, ensuring results are delivered.





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